Innovative Designs with Professional Care

At Correct Digital Displays, we strive to give great customer service with easy job scheduling and low competitive pricing.

Professional Signage & Displays in your Market

Whether it's maintenance or a brand new installation, our sales and service team will handle you with professional care and timely service.

We work with schools and sporting venues all over the country, as well as businesses and local communities.  Our signs grab your audience's attention, whether it be community awareness, driving sales, or overall entertainment at a sporting event.

Find out why we're the choice for so many of your community businesses, sporting events, and more!


Display eye-catching announcements to students, parents, and your community.



Keep your audience entertained whiles driving sales with stunning graphics and messages.

Sporting Venues


Municipalities, Libraries, Fire Departments, and more all need a voice in your Community!



Your business signage needs to be on brand and eye-catching!



Why Correct Digital Displays?

Correct Digital Displays is an Illinois contractor and has primarily concentrated on scoreboards and message displays since 1969. We now have the capability to design, install, maintain, and repair any of your lighting needs.  Anything from pylon signs to neon. Scoreboards to parking lot lights. We've got you covered! Here at Correct Digital Displays, we strive to provide our customers with immaculate service to ensure that your sign and business are looking their best.

Our Services

We not only do installations - We also maintain and repair ANY Scoreboard and Message Center Display!


We've installed signs from small businesses to sports stadiums and everything in between.

Sign Installation


We're a one-stop shop for your signage and message board needs!

Product Sales


Our expert team will make your vision a reality with custom sign fabrication in-house.

Custom Signs


We understand the importance of keeping your sign and displays running!

Service & Maintenance

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