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About Correct Digital Displays

Correct Digital Displays is an Illinois contractor and has primarily concentrated on scoreboards and message displays since 1969. We now have the capability to design, install, maintain, and repair any of your lighting needs. Anything from pylon signs to neon. Scoreboards to parking lot lights. We've got you covered! Here at Correct Digital Displays, we strive to provide our customers with immaculate service to ensure that your sign and business are looking their best.

In October of 2014, we signed on as the Illinois sales representative for OES Scoreboards. We sell, install, and provide on-site service to their entire product line. OES scoreboards are currently providing all timing operations for the United Center in Chicago as well as DePaul University. OES scoreboards are also the approved vendor for the NBA, NHL, CFL, NFL, MLS, and MLB.

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